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Hoodie-less is the coat-style Abaya, without a hoodie to wear it comfortably with your tarha. You can choose to close the bottons for a chic look or keep it open for a super cool style. It's shorter than the usual Abayas and should reach right above your ankle. All you need to do is wear it with confidence and go! Comes with its Tarha (Head-scarf)

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    • KaafMeem Small Box

      KaafMeem Small Box

      SAR 5.00

      L:26 W:18 D:6 cm

    • KaafMeem Big Box

      KaafMeem Big Box

      SAR 7.00

      L:32 W:24 D:7.5 cm

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    Below are the approximate START-END "as is" measurements for our various sizes. 

    Measurements are approximate for each size and may differ slightly for each model. 


    المقاسات قد تختلف من صنف إلى آخر بحدود ١ إلى ٣ سم.

    كما أن بعد الأصناف قد تتعرض إلى الإنكماش بسب استخدامنا لمواد طبيعية ١٠٠٪ مثل القطن والفسكوز والكتان الطبيعي والتي تعود لمقاسها الطبيعي بعد عملية الكي

    Sizes might differ from from item to another by 1 - 3 cm.
    Due to using 100% natural materials, for example like (Cotton, Viscose, Linen) some items might shrink a bit, which will return to it’s natural size after a proper ironing.

    More Information
    Fabric64% Tencel, 27% Rayon, 9%Linen - Linen Feel
    Model Height (Studio Photo)165 cm
    Model is Wearing (Studio Photo) Size54
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