About KaafMeem


KaafMeem, The Elegant Modern Hijab Scarves and Fashion.


Who are we?

We are a duo partners who are enthusiastic to add a positive change to the society, we care to create something different and unique that adds value and makes things easier.

We have achieved more than 4 years of experience in selling Hijab Scarves and running businesses and now is the time to make this opportunity global and make it easier on you. You relax and we will take care of your scarf.

What makes us special?

We care to reach to everyone. That’s why we made sure to have the website in both languages Arabic & English and to ship orders worldwide.

Our specialty is our uniqueness. That’s why we have different unique items that are designed with elegancy and creativity to match your style and outfits throughout the seasons.

We care about the value and details. That’s why we hand make each item with care and love to give you a high-end items packed in a pleasant way that makes our customers delighted and pleased.

Our top priority is our customers, that’s why we offered a variety of secured payment methods that suits everyone, we have a customer support team that is ready for your service, as we are always looking for the best solutions and offers for your benefit.

What do we look for?


We aim to make a positive change to the society. Inspiring, motivating, and benefitting the people around the world by creating special items and adding value to the services we offer internationally to make each lady feel special and unique while wearing what she got from KaafMeem. To spread love, fashion style and trends, elegancy, and happiness by keeping our designs lively up-to-date and by sharing and blogging pictures that help us do so.

Where is KaafMeem based in ?

KaafMeem brand is based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.



With Love,



Managed by Kushtuban wa Hareer Est. CR 4030281923, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia